Thank you all for stopping by! In lieu of a gift registry for our wedding we have opted to utilize one of 3 options for our loved ones to give. The first being this page, which will fund our "Hopes and Dreams" fund. This is soley to help supplement a down payment on a house and pay off current debts from each of us. The second option is to donate to "RecoveryATX", an organization that has had a major impact on Nate throughout his recovery. The final option would be to donate to "KWO: Kenya Widows & Orphans Ministries" which has had a profound impact on Krista's life.


To donate you can do that right here by using the "Registry" link on the left-hand side of this page. To donate to either of the charities follow the links to their respective sites. To donate to help fund our "Hopes and Dreams" enter a Custom Gift.


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